Mr & Mrs Walters

THE WEDDING 21st May 2022

Hayes To Walters Hayes To Walters Mr & Mrs Walters

Our Story

Sarah and Lance first met back in November 2013. Lance first caught Sarah’s eye as she was scrolling through the profiles on Plenty of Fish and Littlemiss0108 decided to send D.dark2k a message. From there messages were sent back and forth and phone numbers were exchanged. Lance knew he wanted to meet Sarah in person after their first phone call which lasted two hours, Lance never talks that long on the phone to anyone!

17th November 2013 and Sarah and Lance had their first date at The Lady Bay Pub in Nottingham. Lance had just dropped Ruby off after a family Birthday Party which started the conversation flowing. They have been together ever since.

Sarah and Lance have both enjoyed getting to know about each other culture’s. Sarah will never forget the first Boxing Day at her soon to be Brother in Laws. It was a flow of family members coming and going to eat food and send their wishes. Sarah couldn’t keep up with the amount of people coming and saying hi. Lance enjoys his Christmas Day with the Hayes’ and being part of the family. A bit more laid back then a Walters Christmas, but very competitive at the games night with the Scrimshaws.

Sarah had to meet Ruby fairly soon into their relationship as she was visiting her Dad every weekend. Whilst Lance worked at BZR on a Saturday night Sarah would look after Ruby. Sarah quickly fell in love with her soon to be Stepdaughter and has shown so much love and support for both Ruby and Lance during their relationship.

In January 2018 Lance finally plucked up the courage to whisper in Sarah’s ear those four words Sarah had been longing to hear. “Will you marry me”. Of course Sarah said YES straight away. The engagement was not a fancy affair, Lance and Sarah had dropped Ruby home and taken the opportunity to nip to The Lady Bay Pub to visit Cecil who was watching the Forest-Arsenal game. No one knew what Lance had planned, we don’t think Lance even knew that he was going to propose at that moment he was waiting for her birthday the following day. Sarah had no makeup on and hadn’t made much effort with getting dressed that day, but the moment was perfect. Along came Cecil with a bottle of Champaign. A moment they both won’t forget in their favourite pub with one of their closest friends.

Lance & Sarah

Let the Wedding Planning Commence……

May 2020 should have been our perfect Wedding Day. But thanks to Boris and Covid we were all in lockdown and the day was cancelled. We tried to re-arrange for April 2021 but having only just come out of Lockdown we felt it was best to postpone for another year..... so here we are May 2022 and nothing is going to stop this Wedding!


A Reminder

2nd May 2020    /    April 2021

21st May 2022

Ceremony at

All Saints’ Church

Raleigh St, Nottingham NG7 4DP


Please arrive by 12:30pm

Followed by

Photos in the Arboretum


The Wedding Breakfast & Evening Reception


The Village Hotel

Brailsford Way, Beeston, Nottingham NG9 6DL

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